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TNI Marketing Claims

21 March 2022

The claim forms are now available for both the domestic fund that finishes on 31st March 2022 and the GB fund that finishes on the same date.

To claim your funding, please complete the online form(s) below by 22nd April 2022 and please ensure that you attach ALL the relevant evidence to support your claim.

How to claim successfully:

  1. Complete the Itemised Spending Document (download below) with each invoice on a numbered line.
  2. Using the same numbers, label each invoice so that is easy to identify. If an invoice as multiple items, label them 1a, 1b, etc.
  3. Using the same numbers, label your evidence to match. So, put a number on each advert or in the file name of a radio advert or on a Facebook screenshot.
  4. Complete the online form and attach your Itemised Spending Document, invoices and advertising evidence.
  5. You can only upload WORD or PDF files and only one file for each section. If you have additional evidence, please email to [email protected] AFTER you submit your online form.

We will check all claims and pay out in batches. If your claim meets the criteria for the campaign and is formatted as above, you should receive payment quite quickly. If you fail to provide evidence, your claim will be significantly delayed or will not be paid at all.

Claim Form – Spring Campaign

Claim Form – GB Fund

Downloads and Documents

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