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The following resources may be useful to those working in the hospitality and tourism industries.
Some are available to download freely, others require you to sign in as a Member of the Federation.

Alcohol and Licensing
Alternative Weddings
Business Outlook Seminar 2022
  • Business Outlook – Forward STAR

    Forward Star - The Future at your Fingertips.

  • Business Outlook – Gareth Hetherington

    The Labour Market: Trends, Indicators & Challenges.

  • Business Outlook – John McGrillen

    ROI: The Opportunity on our doorstep.

  • Business Outlook – Justin Reid

    Travel Trends 2022.

  • Business Outlook – Neil Aulton

    Consumer Sentiment.

  • Business Outlook – Sarah Duignan

    Hotel Performance 2022, Industry Data & Forecast.

GDPR Tool Kit
To Revenue & Beyond
  • Revenue & Beyond – Adrienne Hanna

    The Revenue Revolution.

  • Revenue & Beyond – Adrienne Hanna

    Setting your rate strategy.

  • Revenue & Beyond – Clio O’Gara

    Personalised Guest Journey.

  • Revenue & Beyond – Heather Hart

    Maximising Business Potential.

  • Revenue & Beyond – Michael Heyward

    Revenue Culture.

  • Revenue & Beyond – Nigel Allport

    Guest Data.

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