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Britvic Ireland have a proud brand history, that spans over 240 years.

Today, Britvic Ireland is well known for its iconic Irish brands, such as Ballygowan, MiWadi, Club, C&C and Cidona. We also distribute global brands such as Pepsi MAX, 7UP and Mountain Dew on behalf of PepsiCo. which have been trusted and enjoyed by the people of Ireland for many years. Britvis is Ireland’s most dynamic soft drinks company, creating a better tomorrow.

 Brand Names: Soft Drinks/Mineral Waters: Club Orange, Club Mixers, London Essence, Ballygowan Still & Sparkling, 7Up, 7Up Free, Cidona, C&C, Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Lipton Ice Tea, Mi Wadi, Robinsons, Britvic Juices, Britvic 55, Fruit Shoot, Energise. 

Premium Mixers: London Essence Company.

Syrups and Purees: Mathieu Teisseire



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