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10 Estate Road Clandeboye
Co Down
BT19 1UR

Tel: 028 9185 2500
No Socials Provided

Clandeboye Lodge Hotel






A place apart.

The Clandeboye Lodge is out on its own. We do things differently. We’re all about people. We look after you. Properly. Our staff make the moment. Friendly, attentive, always happy to talk and advise, come and go, serve and smile. You’ll feel at home. We know it.

Because staying in a hotel should be a perfect pleasure. A timeless indulgence. You’re the guest. You’re the point of all this luxury, this comfort, this lively loveliness. It’s no secret. When it comes to detail, we do it right. And, as we all know, the difference is in the detail. We’re out on our own. We like it that way. You will too.


Coq and Bull. An unusual restaurant we think. Everyone seems at home. The old hand and young buck. Herbivore and carnivore. Connoisseur and trencherman. The quiet diners and the in-with-a-crowders. Good, honest food. Taste is king and local rules. Wine, if not exactly compulsory, encouraged. And anyway, life’s too short not to.


Sleep well. It’s more important than we think. A night or two in peace. Lulled to rest by the tell-tale signs of pampering. The deep pile, the good mattress, the heavy curtain, the soft light, the lavish bathroom, the added extras that add up to something special. Enjoy it. You deserve it. Probably.


Don’t get us wrong. We love Belfast. It’s a city that is coming into its own. Get to know it. Because it’s not like anywhere else. But why not stay out here with us? It’s not far. Then, when you do want to chill, you’re right here. A walk on the shore. A wander in the woods. A stroll through history. A seat at the bar. A chat. What’s wrong with that? Nothing.

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