Water Charges

08 December 2008

The massive increase in water charges including the introduction of sewerage charges has been highlighted to Minister Conor Murphy by the NIHF. The Federation hope to meet with the minister prior to proposed increase of charges in April 2009.

Sewerage charges were introduced in April 2008 and the impact of these at £0.66p per cubic metre has been colossal. It is calculated that the 128 hotels in Northern Ireland consume around one million cubic metres of water per annum. This costs the industry around £1.2m per year in fixed and variable charges. In the financial year 2008/09 sewerage charges were introduced at a cost of £787,000 to the hotel industry. This figure is due to double from April 2009 to over £1.5m.

Therefore, over a two year period the charges for water in any business have increased by over 120%. For an average 30 bedroom hotel these increases equal an additional annual cost of £6500. Of grave concern is the fact that sewerage charges are set to rise in April 2009 to £1.32 per cubic metre.

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