Windows XP Threat

08 April 2014

OS Chart

Two years ago the Federation analysed the operating systems used in the hospitality industry and at that time 50% were 10 years old or more. We decided to update that research as of March 2014 and 30% of hotels are still using computers running software more than 10 years old. XP is the favourite out of these systems with a 25% share of the total.

Microsoft withdrew support for Windows XP on 8th April 2014. This means that there will be no more fixes for vulnerabilities in the operating system. Virus updates will be sent out for another year but it is the threat of malware and hacking that should be of most concern to hotels, especially in relation to customer data and accounts.

If you have a Windows XP computer connected to the Internet, you are vulnerable! 

With social media and online bookings becoming more and more relevant to all hotels, it is important that you keep your office and reception technology updated. The companies doing well now are those that can respond quickly and effectively to customer needs and the latest technology is making that easier than ever for the small business. Windows XP was released in 2001. Can you imagine still using a mobile phone from 2001?

The Federation is always keen to assist Members on a wide range of topics and we can provide unbiased and independent advice on new technology free of charge. If you need help on new computer systems, smartphones, the Internet, iPads or social media, contact John Stuart in the Federation office. He will be delighted to chat about any of these issues, to meet up with you and to carry out research on your behalf; all part of your membership benefits.

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