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New PPL Licence for Hotel Bedrooms

09 January 2013

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The Federation has been working with the British Hospitality Association to reach an agreement with PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd), representing the record companies, on a tariff for bedroom TVs, at £46.92 per 15 bedrooms or part thereof.

The agreement follows decisions in the European Court in 2009 that hotels should pay fees for copyright material appearing on TVs in bedrooms. The BHA then agreed with PRS (Performing Right Society), who collect fees for composers, to advise members to pay PRS at their tariff rate, currently £46.92 plus VAT per 15 bedrooms or part thereof.

“The PPL fee, although not a welcome additional cost, is a good deal for the hotel industry as PPL has settled at the PRS rate and indeed, unlike PRS, is not charging extra where the bedrooms have CD or tape players,” says Martin Couchman, BHA’s deputy chief executive.

“This was an agreement that EU regulations have forced upon us.”

If a hotel is already a PPL licensee, its 2013 renewal will include a charge for bedroom TVs, backdated to 1 January 2013. If it is not a PPL licensee and has TVs, it will need to contact them at www.ppluk.com and pay with effect from 1 January 2013.

The new tariff does not apply to small residential hotels and guest houses with no more than 25 bedrooms and where a ‘Residential Licence’ has been granted, limiting the premises to residents and bonafide guests only ,  as these already pay a set fee of £54.98 for all PPL music, including background music played in public areas.

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