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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

29 May 2015

Timely and accurate information is important for any business. It helps you to compare your performance with competitors, plan refurbishments and look at areas where you could improve. There are a number of reports into hotel performance in Northern Ireland and the types of statistics can vary greatly.

The figures that are used by government and reported on as part of the sectors overall economic contribution come out quarterly, with yearly figures reported between 5-6 months into the following year. These are compiled by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

A number of other bodies give analysis including councils, convention bureaus and benchmarking agencies. A brief outline of the current sources for hotel data is below.


This is the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. They took over the compilation of visitor figures and occupancy from Tourism Northern Ireland a number of years ago. They compile tourism figures on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Government use these to assess the industry’s performance and they have an impact on the perceived value of the industry. The 2014 figures report hotel occupancy at 65% with 1.85m hotel rooms sold. Visitor numbers come in at 4.5m and visitor spend is sitting at £751m. For further information and to subscribe, please contact Joanne Henderson via Joanne.Henderson@dfpni.gov.uk.

STR Global

This is the internationally recognised benchmarking company that has evolved from the Deloitte Bench. It has a wide reporting base and has assessed 2014 occupancy to be 72.9%, which equates to £2.07m hotel rooms sold. STR offers a daily FREE STAR report, which gives you the opportunity to compare Occupancy, Room Rate and RevPAR. This allows you to compare your performance and look at your competitors on a time effective basis. They also have additional in depth information that can be bought directly from them. For further details please contact Sarah Duignan via SDuignan@strglobal.com.

NIHF ASM Hotel Performance Report

The NIHF, in conjunction with ASM, produces a quarterly report with 6 KPI’s. In addition to Occupancy, Average Room Rate and RevPAR, the report gives Profit, Wage Percentage and Total Revenue Percentage. Members have to fill in 6 figures in total to complete the report. It is free and totally confidential. All those who take part get an individual comparative report from their premises against local trade and on a Northern Ireland basis. Contact the NIHF office on 028 9077 6635 for further details.

ASM Northern Ireland Hotel Industry Review & Prospectus

This extensive report is produced on a yearly basis, normally in May, and gives a wide range of information for hotels throughout Northern Ireland. There is a lot of information by grade, hotel type and geographic location. Information is provided on a confidential basis by hotels and is compiled by ASM Belfast who can supply you with further details. Contact: Michael Williamson via michael.williamson@asmbelfast.com.

Each report provides a different function and serves different purposes. The Federation recommends that members partake in all of them. Each one should only take a few minutes to complete and every business should be gathering this information as a matter of course. The more properties that take part, the more accurate the final statistics, which is of benefit to everyone.


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