Hotel Scam

10 December 2013

NIHF Logo 1. A caller is phoning up hotels and asking for a room number. 
2. They are advising front desk staff in the hotel where the guest is resident that they are from another hotel property. 
3. When they are put through to the guest they are advising that they are from the front desk of the hotel that the guest is staying in.
4. They are then stating that there has been an issue with a credit card swipe and that they require the guests credit card details again.
5. Once they have this information they are then making fraudulent transactions  on the guest's credit card.

Please make your front office staff aware of this. 

1. We would advise ensuring that all calls are announced, giving the persons name to the guest, ensuring that the guest knows that the call is not from your staff. 
2. If a caller says they are from another hotel and want to be put through to a guest in your hotel, get a name and a number and call back. 
3. When you receive an incoming call, ensure that the caller knows the guests name and is not just calling randomly using a room number. 
4. Be aware of anyone loitering in your reception area listening to check in conversations.
5. Be vigilant when using a computer screen and taking guest credit card information.
6. If guests report this activity, please advise us and then we can proceed and report according. 

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