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08 June 2012

My Tour Talk

So here’s some ‘smart’ advice to keep you ahead of the pack.

In this digital age hoteliers constantly find themselves confronted with new “Digital Solutions” to their marketing woes. And it’s all too easy to find yourself completely lost in a swamp of SEO rankings, a marsh of social media, besieged by your hotel’s Facebook account with no real idea whether it’s actually doing you any good.

So let’s strip it back to basics. Ideally what you want is a highly-focused, non-perishable platform on which to advertise, promote and influence your potential-visitors, current-visitors and return-visitors. And this is where it gets clever!

Marketing & ad gurus have been trying to crack the smartphone market for years but with little success. And this is down to what is perceived to be an invasion of private space. People can just about tolerate billboards, pop ups and leaflets but they will not put up with any unrequested information appearing on their personal hand-held device. So let’s get smart …

The demand for tourist based smartphone app’s is on the rise and with it comes a new form of durable and effective marketing for the hotel industry. Take the Belfast based business ‘My Tour Talk’ as an example. At My Tour Talk they create audio walking and driving tours all over Northern Ireland that sit on an app platform.

Through their ‘partnership program’ they are able to recommend hotels, restaurants and attractions at the click of a button to visitors who are actively seeking information. In seconds a visitor can follow a link to a website, phone number or see a location plotted on a map. Branding as well as company information, including last minute promotions and seasonal offers, can be updated instantly, providing partners with an invaluable link straight to the pockets of their customers.

The Federation will be looking further at digital marketing and social media over the next few months and at Hospitality Exchange in October. If you would like free advice on this or any other area of technology, please contact John Stuart in the Federation offices.


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