Calling all clean freaks!

04 October 2012


Silver River is making a new series for ITV and are currently looking for some personalities with real expert knowledge who can be our on-screen cleaning experts - not a million miles from Kim from How Clean is Your House (the owner of this production company was the creator of How Clean Is Your House. The show we are making for ITV though is different to How Clean and both male and female suggestions are welcome.

The Show Outline

In each show we will feature someone who lives in a mess, but its because they look after an elderly parent, a sick child etc and just can’t manage. So we’re not finger wagging at them, they need our help. We will do a mini - makeover too, where needed, so replace the fridge thats door is hanging off, dig out the black grouting around the bath, give everything a lick of paint etc as well as cleaning, de-cluttering and reorganising their homes.

The next story will be probably with teenage kids, who are just mucky pups and don’t really know any better. We will teach them how to clean properly, get the teenagers doing it too and re-educate the whole family into raising their standards and living in harmony – we will probably also incorporate an element of makeover and there will be lots of tips for the viewers about cleaning.

Then for a slightly different perspective, in the final story we will hear from atotal ‘clean freak’ - the one that hovers around you as you finish your biscuit, so they can wash up your plate and vacuum the carpet. Are their standards actually up to yours?

We may also use a professional kitchen and hotel rating system - how does your house match up to a professional hotel? What rating would you get if you were scored by the professionals?

There is no obligation at this stage but anyone interested should contact Kara on or 020 7907 3410 as soon as possible.

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