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16 December 2016

Say hello to more

The Northern Ireland Hotels Federation and Tourism Northern Ireland have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver a programme of promotional activity and industry support specifically aimed at targeting the Republic of Ireland market.

This activity will underpin Tourism Northern Ireland’s spring marketing campaign, which will be delivered through TV, outdoor, press, social media, PR and digital advertising.

There are two different ways you can get involved in this campaign, outlined below. The closing date for entering this campaign is 16th January 2017.

Target Segments

Time Together: Couples, who may or may not have kids, seeking to escape the stresses of everyday life. Like romantic, rural retreats with some light activity / sight seeing but mostly the potential of relaxation.

Mature Cosmos: Tend to be older couples, once again, seeking a break from normal everyday life. Relaxation, quality accommodation, enjoying the scenery and local tourist attractions are all-important elements.

1. Online Promotion and Offers

Tourism NI’s marketing campaign will highlight the unique experiences here in Northern Ireland. From the Giant’s Causeway, to Titanic Belfast, we have worldclass experiences you simply can’t get elsewhere!

We need to underpin this proposition with accommodation and visitor attraction specifics. This will be through a dedicated website at, which will be widely promoted.

Taking on feedback from the first campaign, we will ask all accommodation participants to provide a standard B&B rate and all visitor attractions to provide a single ticket price so that customers can fully understand the value of a break in Northern Ireland.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to provide an offer which gives the visitor a little bit more. This could be a partnership between a hotel and a visitor attraction or it could be added value in terms of meals or spa treatments. This will be optional but very much encouraged. Tourism Northern Ireland may choose to promote the best ideas more widely.

All accommodation offers must be able to be booked online on your own property website and all are subject to availability - you can even use “from” pricing to reflect different levels of demand.

Submit your offer now via the links on this page.

2. Co-operative Marketing Fund (CLOSED)

The autumn campaign reversed years of decline in the advertising of Northern Ireland properties in ROI. This joint effort really delivered a great message across press, radio, TV and more.

The Co-operative Marketing Fund is designed to support your own advertising in the Republic of Ireland market. If your planned activity meets our criteria, the fund will cover 75% of your costs up to a maximum of £5000 per industry provider.

To take part in the marketing fund you must provide a price in section 1. Those who wish to avail of this fund should note the conditions as follows:

  • Activity must happen between 30th January and 31st March 2017.
  • You can use any media channel as long as it is clearly aimed at the ROI market. Even shopping centres can be targeted if you want.
  • You must use a tracking code and the sayhellotomore brand in your advertising (where possible).
  • You should negotiate the best advertising rates directly with your chosen channel.
  • Once you receive a letter of offer, you may proceed to book your activity, paying the media supplier as normal and then claim 75% from the fund with the appropriate supporting documents (more details in your letter of offer).

The Co-operative Marketing Fund is an excellent opportunity for you to directly target the Republic of Ireland market.



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